Busy Married Women:

Are you exhausted by being in charge all of the time?


I help strong women release control, so we can have very sexy + satisfying marriages and lives.


I've created the opportunity for women like us (yep, I see you because I AM you) to have a paradigm shift around how you feel with your man - so you can learn to receive everything he has to give you both inside and outside the bedroom. 


If you are longing for your husband to step up and take charge so you can trust in his power and ability to take care of you (while you relax into your receiving energy in a powerful new way), then you're in the right place.

Can't get over your frustration or resentment?


Download my powerful FREE guide to Handling Your Emotional Power - so you can stop fighting your man and shift into your Queen energy.


  • Are you a successful woman who is proud of your achievements - but feels tired of being responsible for holding everything together all the time?
  • Do you love your man, but get frustrated with him? Do you find yourself taking the lead in a lot of situations or parts of your relationship, and wish it was different?
  • Do you wish your sex life was hotter (maybe even that your husband was more confident in bed or more dominant with you)?
  • Do you wish you could stop automatically being in charge, but have a sneaking suspicion that nothing would get done properly and everything might fall apart if you did?
  • You don't want to do it alone




You’re so scared of letting go + losing control, that you’re blocking the one man who could give you everything you ever wanted.



"I could always see the sweet, soft side of Michelle - but for years, she would only let it out in rare moments. She had this way of being super tough which was great for our business, but made her feel distant and it was really hard for her to transition out of  "boss mode" to being relaxed and happy. I wanted to feel closer to her and be more connected. I'm so happy she made the decision to prioritize love. Honestly, it made everything better between us - we don't fight over dumb stuff anymore and I have the space to be my best too. I'm so proud of you baby! I hope every woman does this work, it will change your marriage and your life." - Dan (my husband/biz partner/co-parent)


Wellness Multi-preneur and Healer Michelle Keinan is an expert in masculine + feminine relationship dynamics and helping women feel satisfied in their relationships. She has taught thousands of women how to fulfill their deepest desires through her unique methodology, blending Neuro Linguistic Programming, Somatic Therapy & Intentional Communication. Michelle and her husband Dan make sharing space an art form as co-parents and the co-founders of their healing business City Wellness Collective. You can find her hanging out and sharing her secrets to having an incredible marriage in the Satisfied Wives Club.



"For so long I had been relying on my family and career to feel worth and happiness, and was constantly frustrated when I couldn’t receive that in the way I wanted. I was a giant ball of stagnant frustration. But I learned that with simple shifts through thinking, and through physical practices, I could access the feelings I want to feel, and use feminine energy to not only manifest my desires, but inspire my husband to fulfill me in ways I couldn't imagine before. Michelle taught me how to stop fighting the world and instead feel really good to attract and receive what I want most." - Khadijah (wife, mom, biz owner)




Would you rather be right...or be in love? I choose love, every day.

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